The legacy lives on! Superb characterisation with all the fun, frolics and misunderstandings!

Inspector Clouseau
Cult “reincarnation” of Peter Sellers. Thinks like Sellers, Speaks like Sellers.

Prince Charles
Charles Haslett easily adopts The look, The voice and Body language of “The King in waiting.”


Charles Haslett is available for

Corporate, Private and Public Events. Wedding Receptions, Dinner-Dances, Birthdays, Parties, Anniversaries, Barmitzvahs, Batmitzvahs, Charity Functions, Golfing Days, Award Ceremonies, Product Launches, Exhibitions, Promotions, Theme Nights, River Cruises, Team Building, Prize-Giving, Murder-Mystery, Treasure Hunts, Masonic and Rotary Evenings, Hotels, Nightclubs, Shopping Centres/Malls.

Christmas Parties / New Year Celebrations

MANUEL is THE party animal at Your Christmas or New Year’s Party! 
(or he can be a bit more reserved for your Gran!:-)  Typical antics from kitchen to dance floor - MANUEL and his pet hamster “Basil” bring loads more laughs to your table!  Great fun for photos! 
Highly experienced from The Dorchester (hotel) to Dorchester, Charles Haslett as MANUEL is a great addition to your party!   BOOK NOW WHILE SOME DATES STILL AVAILABLE!

PRINCE CHARLES or INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU are bookable ... as appropriate.


MANUEL and his pet hamster “Basil” are immensely popular during Wedding Receptions and Wedding Breakfasts however ALL characters have a role to play depending on the Wedding.

MANUEL only: entertains as guests arrive / during photography for example entertaining the guests who are NOT being photographed / ushers guests into Wedding Breakfast and entertains around tables during the meal.  Approximately 3 hour duration with breaks.

MANUEL followed by PRINCE CHARLES:   MANUEL entertains as above but changes into PRINCE CHARLES during the meal and appears as Prince Charles (VIP guest / friend of the family) to say a short speech at speech time.

CLOUSEAU followed by MANUEL:  CLOUSEAU “inspects and mock searches” guests on arrival at venue, then banters in CLOUSEAU style during the Wedding Reception – changes into MANUEL in time to usher guests into Wedding Breakfast and carry on.

About Charles

Charles is a member of Equity and available for adverts, voice-overs, radio, television and films. There are many different lookalikes. Charles is not just a lookalike, his acting ability brings the character to life entertaining your guests in any situation and with a track record stretching back to 1994, never fails to impress.

Contact Charles

by various means: Enquiry form below (* - required). Email direct or telephone as listed here.

Things I need to know: Date of event (including time of day) | Location | Which character/s | Your ideas | Your contact details (telephone number very useful to discuss details specific to YOUR event)

Telephone: 07970 241311

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